Kay Lloyd is an artist with an eclectic taste and a loves all things bright and beautiful.

She comes from a fine art background and her work has changed and grown throughout the years.

She now enjoys every aspect of art and creativity, from painting abstract canvases, to walls and furniture there isn’t anything she doesn’t enjoy doing when it comes to the creative process.

Most of her art  is very bright, colourful, fun and pretty. She has a passion for flowers, especially wild and she just  loves nature. Over the years she has taught a huge array of art techniques and she has used art  as a healing process for hundreds of people  across the globe to help increase their emotional intelligence.

Anyone she gets to work with is shown the importance of self-love and self- awareness and she does this through the process of art making. With all the passion and love she has for the world of art and for community she opened up an Art Studio where people of all ages can come and enjoy the entire process of art making in a relaxed, homely and unpretentious setting.