Kay Lloyd I am a self-expressive arts facilitator and artist with an eclectic taste and a passion for life in general.

I come from a fine art background and have always loved to paint. However over for the past 5 years or so I have become more and more aware of the vital importance creativity has in everyone’s lives, no matter how old or young you are .

We all need creativity in any shape or form that may come to you. Whether you love to Draw, dance, sing, act or paint all these things are part of our DNA. and are essential.

We were born with it and we all loved it as a child, however as we get older and judgement  sets in we lose this important part of our genetic make up and it all gets pushed to the side as an unimportant and a nonessential thing to do. I’m here to let everyone know who comes to THINK PURPLE that using our imaginations and intuition allows us to live a life of flow and balance. It is crucial for our mental health and well being. When we use that side of our brains (the right side) we  learn to build trust, faith, hope and gratitude, the 4 things that every human needs to have, in order to be truly happy and live a life  of ease. I want everyone who comes to THINK PURPLE to find joy in the arts, let go of self doubt and learn to play again. I teach people how to relax and have fun with their inner child, this in turn will build greater self awareness and resilience.

I love to work with kids and adults alike and I adore sitting and having a chat over a cuppa and an easel with the older generation. With all the passion and love I have for the world of art I have opened up a space where people of all ages can come and enjoy the entire process of art making in a relaxed, homely and unpretentious setting..It is my desire that all who come to play realise the huge amounts of  love  we can give our souls through the creative process

I love my community and i have created a safe space for like minded people to come together, talk, share and create.

What is Think Purple?

Why have I chosen the name “think purple” as my Brand and why is it a phrase that holds so dear in my heart?

To ‘Think purple’ means to live every moment in the perfect balance of joy, happiness and positivity. Living a life in this way is contagious and rubs off on the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.

The colour purple calls for creative doings and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative effort. It likes to be unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd. People who attend the classes at the studios will be treated as such and supported in their own unique journey into art.

Purple is gender-less and contains just the right amount of masculine and feminine tones. It is a way of being and living in the moment. To always think purple has been a family motto my ENTIRE life….

When I was a child and had anxieties or worries my father would ask ” Kay, what colour is it?” my response always had to be ” Purple Dad, its purple” . To this day we still end every conversation with this saying. and it has become a mantra of mine and I now uses it daily with my daughter Winny .

With such a powerful meaning behind this expression, I just had to use it for my businesss. I want everyone who comes for classes, workshops and lessons to feel joyful, and happy in the flow of their own creative process. I am PASSIONATE about fostering creativity with every age group. I am  obsessed with the process of art making and how it can make us feel in the present moment of it all.

It is my firm belief that we do our biggest learning and gain our greatest insights, self awareness and in fact self healing through the JOURNEY of whatever we do, not the destination. The end product is the small part but how we get there is the most powerful.

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