Children’s Monthly Art Clubs

Art clubs for arty kids, who love to get messy with paint, glitter and glue, have fun making new friends and come away with new artistic skills and  a  feeling of  happiness, joy and a positive mindset of thinking purple!


These very popular clubs are held on a  Saturday morning and attended once a month per child. There are 2 clubs in place.

  • Club 1 for kids aged 8 to 12 (please see exact dates below)
  • Club 2 for kids aged 8 to 12 (please see exact dates below)

These art clubs are run as art and friendships clubs, all based around fun and creativity. These clubs are extremely popular for both girls and boys.

For a full 2 a half hours once a month the kids work on a huge range of different activities and craft, they are taught a large range of artistic skills using all manner of art medium. These kids clubs are all about the kids exploring what they want to do INDIVIDUALLY, as well as group activities. I nurture these concepts and as I get to know the kids, I recognise where each child’s skill level lies and i will to be able to gently guide them in the right direction. These clubs are inclusive and encouraging and really suit kids that want to feel like part of a team outside of the typical sporting arena.

These clubs help build great self- confidence and self-expression especially amongst the quieter, gentler, clever and more introverted souls. They are taught to think outside the box and problem solve in a loving and nurturing way while giving them the freedom to be and do what they desire….

Clubs include refreshments and healthy morning tea (I’m all about good nutrition folks)

  • Saturday: 2 1/2 hrs
  • $45 per child

clubs run for 2 and half hours and includes all art materials and all refreshments. bookings are essential as I keep the clubs to  a maximum of 14 kids so proper time can be given to each child.  If your child can’t make the  first art club then they may be able to make the second club so at least once a month they get that ‘extremely’ important time with their creativity.

ART is IMPORTANT and needs to be put as a priority in your child’s life. If they don’t get to use their imaginations and their right hand brains in this way then their lives will be out of balance and anxiety and fears can creep in. We have a lot of fun and laughter and the kids really get to explore their own ideas. I believe in empowerment and positive self talk and implement a lot of my art therapy techniques within my studio environment.

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