nuts about crochet

It was my dream to open up an art studio within my community, to create a space where like-minded people could connect and gather in circles around tables and easels. My vision was and is to create an unpretentious , relaxed and inspiring space where every generation can come together and release their inner child and play with their own individual creativity, all the while focusing in, on the process of it all, not the end product!. It is my belief that we were all born creative but many of us through the years have lost it with thoughts of not being good enough or perfect or realistic enough in their approach. This makes me sad.
The arts in any form are a vital way for us to communicate with ourselves and others, sometimes when words are just not enough. It is vital for our ‘happy existence’.
I have seen so many people relax, unwind and talk to each other, openly expressing how they feel, and sharing in each other stories, all while in the flow of creativity.
I’ve seen kids who are quiet and introvert find their louder voice, I’ve witnessed teenagers who have been told they aren’t good enough for school produce insanely great art and want to come back each week for more and more. I’ve seen young children run wild with their imagination and indeed my studio while they are allowed to splash and squish paint as they explore and thoroughly enjoy the whole process of art.
I’ve met older generations who want to find a space to belong and pursue their creativity while feeling relaxed and not judged, i have had the privilege to meet and work with people with disabilities as they show and tell me through their art how they feel inside.
The list just goes on and on.
I am in love again, in love with life, in love with people, in love with creativity, in love with my studio and in love with my vision see for the future of this studio.
This is why i am extremely excited about the gathering of a new tribe a circle of crocheting women.
The last few weeks i have met some utterly INCREDIBLE women, truly inspiring in every way. We have connected over the craft and love of crochet. Who would have thought it would have been so popular? But I believe it goes deeper than just learning a new craft , it is about gathering as only women can , gathering to talk and share and express how they feel, but as multi taskers it is vital that we do something else worthwhile.
Women of all ages 20 to 80 have come together recently to unite. I have witnessed such utter kindness and heart felt love. I’ve heard such incredible stories of courage and bravery as past fears and worries are laid to rest. I have been inspired by their strength it has been both beautiful to watch and hear.

” a tribe of women all connected through their own creativity”

Women need to talk (sorry i have written a blog as a FB post whoops)
We need to share stories, we need to look after each other and nurture ourselves, we need to know we have support within our groups and circles.

With all this in mind i have decided to open up a fortnightly crochet drop in gathering held here at the studio fortnightly on a Saturday afternoon 2pm until 5pm (first one being the 24th June then fortnightly after that)
It will be untutored but if you know the basic stitches you’ll be offered so much help and guidance for other more experienced crocheters, all willing and able to show you advanced work and patterns.

cost will just be $10 for 3 hours or as long as you can come for, to help me keep the doors of the studio open and lay on refreshments each time. BYO hooks and wool.


if you’d like more info please call me kay on 0415611342

so next meeting Saturday 24th june 2pm to 5pm
cost $10
BYO wool and hooks