Let’s Paint Together, A Special Painting Workshop For You And Your Child



Wow i’m so excited !
This is a workshop I have been running  for a while now.
Without doubt the best thing that has come out of opening up THINK PURPLE, is the connection and unique bond I have created with my 12 year old daughter Winny.
We spend so much quality time together messing about with all kinds of art. whether it be craft, sewing, crochet or painting and drawing.
I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with her.

So a while back  I had a little light bulb moment, and I thought to myself

“i wonder if there are any more parents out there that would just love to spend some giggly one on one time with their child? messing about with their imagination and creativity.

So I would like to invite anyone who would love to spend some one on one time with their most precious person, in a loving and creative environment.
I know that my daughter has always loved it when i spent time messing about with arts and crafts with her. it’s always been such a nurturing and special bonding time with each other.
So here is what We do at these workshops
Without doubt the most fun me and Winny have had together in the studio is the time we have spent creating a massive abstract canvas art painting.

So how about it?

Would you love to come and play at the studio , with your child while painting a MASSIVE box canvas together?

it can be as abstract as you like or maybe you can bring along a picture of what you would like to paint together. (now remember we need to let go of the control lol and let splashes and paint strokes happen at will.)

I will guide you in all aspects of the painting process,

All materials will be supplied including gesso, paints, brushes and other art mediums that may be required.

cost is $165 which INCLUDES the canvas and all the materials (90cms x 90cms)

If you are excited by the idea of this special bonding time with your child then

please call to book in to secure you place. Places will be strictly limited as I only have so much easel space lol)

book in HERE for our next workshop on the 5th April

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