High School Art Sessions

By this age  kids  have usually been drawing and painting for a while at school and have usually grasped the basics of these disciplines. However as school life continues  art can sometimes be pushed aside for other studies and commitments, but when this happens kids lose their creative flair and their logical left brain thinking can take over and cause havoc with anxiety levels and stress especially as our kids approach exam time.

This is why these teen art sessions are vital for  giving kids a way to relax and unwind and keep their right brain thinking switched ON. I am passionate about the resilience that can be achieved through art making and as we get older it becomes even more important  to keep in the flow of creativity.

These session offer anyone from 12 years old upwards a relaxing and self expressive environment where they are free to explore their preferred medium and also receive guidance and lessons to progress forward in their art.

These are very casual drop in sessions where they have the option of help from me if needing ideas and inspiration. I know most that come just want the freedom to express themselves their way and use my space and materials and ask for help as and when needed , i want them to be independent thinkers when it comes to painting and drawing it is important that  they are allowed to follow their own world of imagination

They will learn to be more intuitive with their art and follow the excitement not the over thinking path to art.

All these creative skills are essential for their young minds as they go through high school and the pressures of left brain logical thinking takes over. This is a  time when the  arts can be pushed to the side and becomes a so called ” nice thing to do and labelled as unimportant!! (believe me it is the most VITAL  thing any young person can continue to pursue). It reduces anxiety, builds self esteem , creates great problem solvers, gets them to think outside the box, and just so much more. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE  is what kids need to grow into confident happy positive adults not IQ’s !!

Today more then ever our kids NEED TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. The creative arts does this !!

Please note this session is for anyone one that is at high school, that wishes to come and explore and play with art materials that they don’t usually get time to use. The studio is a great place to come on a Wednesday night for a couple of hours to unwind and relax with other like minded creative s

sessions are on Wednesdays at 6pm until 8pm (NSW)

Cost  is $150 for a block of 5 art sessions (they can be taken non-consecutively)


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